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It is no secret that certain jobs out there require a college degree. You don’t want your doctor operating on you based on job experience. He or she needs to have gone to medical school. There are many other professions that fall into this category, but the professional landscape is changing.

Not only that, but tuition prices are skyrocketing. It used to be that young men and women were urged to go to college right out of high school even if they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives. That still seems like a great idea, right? What if they are going to saddle themselves with thousands of dollars worth of student loan debt?

If you’re going to take out student loans, there needs to be a reason. I say that because student loans can end up totaling up to be the amount you would owe for a mortgage on your first home. Do you ever want to buy a home? Do you want to start making money? You need a plan if you’re going to college these days.

While more and more jobs these days are requiring a degree, it doesn’t mean that everyone needs to go to college. Furthermore, people who go to college come out with the knowledge but not necessarily the experience. Experience says quite a lot about people when it comes to the job market.