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Here’s a guest post by my son:
I have been debating going to college. I have been out of school for a couple years and I am thinking about going back. I can’t decide if college is worth it or if I should find a job with a major company and work my way up without a degree. I have talked to several people that have varying opinions on what to do. Some people claim that college can be a waste of money. But others say that if you have a specialized degree in something it is worth it. I am not sure what I want to do yet, but I do know there is a company that is huge located about 30 minutes away that is hiring. Their rate of pay is better than any other jobs in my area hiring someone with a college degree. While I may feel like I’ve accomplished something by getting a degree, should I waste my time doing it when I can make just as much or more elsewhere? I am going to give it some more thought to see what is going to work out best for me and if there is more money with this other company.